Reflections from Joliet, Illinois

I am a technology teacher at an elementary school near Chicago, Illinois.  I teach ages 3-14 (Preschool – 8th grade) and my colleagues as well!  Last Fall I joined the Flat Classroom Ning after hearing about the Digiteen program from an online educator in the summer.  I enrolled my 7th and 8th graders in the Digiteen program and have also completed the Flat Classroom Certified Teacher program for myself!  When I heard about “A Week in the Life” I was looking forward to having my younger students participate in an excellent flat classroom project and also to meet more innovative educators as well.  I normally meet with the 3rd graders every Friday.  We love to use Skype and we’re flexible on days and times to get to know the group!

About A Week in the Life

Flat Classroom Project for Elementary students across the world called 'A Week in the Life' Teachers in the project post about their experiences managing and collaborating.
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