Activities that occur during “A Week in the Life” A Flat Classroom Project

On my last blog post the question was raised: What are some of the activities that occur when you participate in the “A Week in the Life Project”? (a Flat Classroom Project).  To kick off the projects students were asked to create a handshake.  Since we were connecting with other students around the globe, we had to create a virtual handshake.  Students were using information about our school and students. My students created a handshake using Jig Saw Planet. The students came up with different facts about our state and then found a picture of a famous landmark. Feel free to try out our virtual handshake puzzle Where Are We Located.  Students enjoyed figuring out the puzzle and enjoyed learning about other places. They could not believe we will be connect with students from China and India besides others states.

The moderators who are running the “A Week in the Life” project asked teachers to assign each student a different topic and place them in groups in a Google Doc.  Each group includes one student from about five or different schools.  The groups were created on Edmodo.  Students were then able to post personal handshakes on Edmodo to introduce themselves using various programs such as xtranormal, Comic Life, SmileBox .  My students wrote about their favorite activities and gave some details about themselves.  Next, time I do this project I will be having my students create short videos using Frames in which they will discuss information about themselves.

It was suggested in one of our “A Week in the Life” Flat Classroom meetings to have students collect media during the school day if you thought it might be a problem having them bring in cameras or cellphones to school.  This was a great suggestion and I decided to try it out.  It has been working extremely well with my students. My students started their Media collection about two weeks ago.  They were excited to be able to go around school during their lunch recess time to take pictures of objects they needed.  Students have been taking pictures of the clothes they wear, food they eat for lunch, their classroom and the school building along with other items that occur in their daily lives.  They truly are enjoying this great project and look forward to the forty minutes we spend together in the computer classroom.

About A Week in the Life

Flat Classroom Project for Elementary students across the world called 'A Week in the Life' Teachers in the project post about their experiences managing and collaborating.
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