Lovin’ the Voicethread!

Both 3rd grade classes in our school (Cathedral of St. Raymond in Joliet, IL) are participating in this project and LOVE to use Voicethread!  We have 3 designated spots where they can quietly add their voices to their pictures.  They find their avatar (for the most part) before they add their voice and they are on their way!

I am especially proud of the way they handle the computers because they are moving them from place to place.  They are responsible and thoughtful.  When someone else is narrating, they wait their turn (I have 2 students go to the special spots).

The students are excited to see and hear new narrations on their project Voicethread and look forward to seeing them all!

We love Voicethread!

Image                                                         Image

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Flat Classroom Project for Elementary students across the world called 'A Week in the Life' Teachers in the project post about their experiences managing and collaborating.
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